I love the infinite possibilities of painting and the exploration of ideas and color relationships. I want my work to engender an emotional response and a sense of engagement. I like to be challenged and I love the process of painting which I sometimes make apparent by leaving visible layers of paint and marks. Hopefully, the viewer is aware of the texture of the paint and the power of the artists brush on the canvas. I abstract and simplify forms and interpret color.  I am interested in creating paintings that are not ordinary.

Of late I have been particularly interested in exploring the possibilities of of non-objective paintings that have no reference to the natural world. The motifs come form my imagination and I work with the space within the canvas applying color, interesting lines and shapes in order to create s new and satisfying whole. I am interested in layering the paint and letting the layers underneath become part of the work.  I work in a progressive series, letting each painting lead to the next. 

I am always interested in landscape painting.  My landscapes offer a Birdseye view of the material world with its color and weather.  The depiction of infinite space and air and especially clouds as well as water and its reflections are of interest to me. Often, I get my inspiration from views out of car and airplane windows. I have painted ubiquitous highways, airports, vistas of ocean, rivers, lakes and mountains.  Conservation of outdoor spaces and the way we infiltrate and pave our world building mammoth homes and endless highways is a recurrent theme in my work even influencing my abstract paintings.

      Harriet Sobie Goldstein