Harriet Sobie Goldstein is a versatile artist who paints landscapes and abstracts in oil on canvas. Her forte is her use of color to heighten emotional intensity. Sometimes her colors are bold, while at other times subtle. Writing in the Newark Star Ledger, art critic Eileen Watkins, described her paintings as “Lyrical.” 

Harriet Sobie Goldstein grew up in Brooklyn, New York and lives in New Jersey. She began her art studies as a child at the Brooklyn Museum art school and was encouraged by her cousin, William Sharp, a noted illustrator. At Hunter College, she majored in art and studied with the minimalist sculptor and painter Tony Smith, who noted a gift for color in her painting. While working as a teacher in the New York City public schools, Harriet Sobie Goldstein taught teachers how to infuse art into the Curriculum. All the while, she continued her studies in art and exhibits her artwork at galleries in New York and New Jersey. She is interested in supporting the arts and serves on the boards of SALUTE to Women in the Arts in New Jersey and the Phoenix Gallery, an artist run gallery in New York City.